Will Stay Away from Parliament During No-trust Motion: TDP MP Diwakar Reddy

In front of the verbal confrontation on the no-certainty movement in Lok Sabha on Friday, inconvenience is by all accounts preparing in the Telugu Desam Party with one of its administrators reporting that he would not go to the House procedures.

Anantapuramu MP J C Diwakar Reddy, who did not go to Parliament on Wednesday, said he would keep on staying without end when the no-trust movement moved by the TDP is taken up for dialog, and furthermore amid the whole Monsoon session.

The gathering has issued a whip guiding every one of its MPs to go to Parliament on Friday and Monday. Reddy said it doesn’t make a difference regardless of whether a whip was issued.

“This is only a schedule. The administration wouldn’t fall in any case. What’s more, I can’t communicate in English or Hindi. So my essence or nonattendance doesn’t make a difference,” he told correspondents in Anantapuramu before the end of last night.

“There are other people who are knowledgeable in English and can talk well,” he included.

The MP, known for his candid disposition, is said to sulk over the gathering authority’s reserved position over assignment of ticket for the following decision from Anantapuramu.

Reddy had already reported he would resign from discretionary legislative issues.

The TDP is confronting inner issue with an individual from Rajya Sabha also, yet it may not influence the no-certainty vote.

TDP boss N Chandrababu Naidu is relied upon to address Reddy when he holds the day by day video chat with party pioneers on Thursday.

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