Telangana BJP MLA Resigns from Party to Focus on ‘Gau Raksha’

Telangana BJP MLA T Raja Singh Lodh said that he hosts offered his abdication to the get-together, asserting that it was not giving any help to ‘gau raksha’ (dairy animals assurance).

Singh, who speaks to Goshamahal voting public in the Assembly, said in a video message posted on an interpersonal interaction site that he has sent his renunciation letter to Telangana BJP president K Laxman.

“For me Hindu dharma and cow insurance are needs, and legislative issues comes later. For ‘gau raksha’, I have surrendered from the BJP. I raised the issue in the Assembly commonly, yet the gathering did not give any help,” he said on Sunday.

“…I and my group of ‘gau rakshaks’ will hit the roads and stop butcher of dairy animals in the state,” he included.

Singh, who has been reserved a few times by police for his disputable articulations and talks, stated, “For cow protection…we will kill or we will pass on. Our point is to see that cows are not butchered.”

Singh said he would not like to put the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in a bad position, so chose to leave from it.

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