KCR, after becoming chief minister, forgot those who supported him in Telangana movement, says activist Bandru Vimala

Telangana is in the news again, as far back as K Chandrasekhar Rao, the state’s first boss clergyman and the leader of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), broke down the Assembly on 6 September this year in an unexpected move. Surveys to the state will now be hung on 7 December and the outcomes declared on 11 December.

Saying something regarding occasions and the condition of the state is Bandru Vimala, famously known as Vimalakka among the oppressed in Telangana, and an extremist who had a conspicuous job as influence of the Joint Action Committee for the formation of the state from unified Andhra Pradesh. In 2014, Telangana turned into India’s 29th state including Telugu-talking locales.

The 54-year-old Vimalakka is additionally a balladeer, heading the people troupe Arunodaya Samskritika Samakhya, and pioneer of the express ladies’ association, an intentional welfare gathering. She visits Telangana arranging social occasions and raising her voice for open issues.


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Record picture of Bandru Vimala File picture of Bandru Vimala

The girl of progressive Bandru Narsimayya, who took an interest in the Telangana resistance, Vimalakka thinks of her as dad a good example and motivation for her thoughts. With him, she used to go to gatherings of activists and journalists battling for the state and began singing progressive tunes when she was just eight years of age.

Today, Vimalakka faces police cases as a major aspect of her longstanding effort for the different state, which she has been included with since 1995, and has even invested energy in prison.

She trusts that the KCR government has in the course of recent years since Telangana was made disregarded the welfare of individuals, and rather attempted to profit business people, landowners and industrialists.

Portions from the meeting:

Inform us concerning your dad and his effect on your thoughts.

My dad Bandru Narsimayya is a progressive and he played a functioning job in the defiance to landowners and the counter individuals exercises of the legislature. I saw not simply progressive essayists and activists visiting our home however the police as well. While the journalists and activists visited to chalk out plans for gatherings, the police visited our home to pester our dad. His responsibility and commitment to the discouraged and mistreated fragments of society left a blemish on me. I have been taking his recommendation till date.

Numerous Telangana customs and social images, which were looked downward on by the recent Andhra Pradesh government and society, have not been given unique consideration by the new state government as well. How would you think this is functioning in drawing out the state’s rich legacy?

The TRS government has done nothing to bring out of the state’s rich legacy. Celebrations like Bathukamma and Bonalu are a piece of Telangana convention and culture and have been praised in the district for long. There were no TV directs in the prior occasions. Presently, the main reason there is some emphasis on these celebrations is a direct result of the media glare.

I am not against ladies observing Bathukamma celebration in Hyderabad, but rather it is a celebration to be commended at the town level. A few people are guaranteeing proprietorship of these celebrations. Telangana happened on account of the general population’s disturbance. The state turned into a reality because surprisingly. Nobody individual or gathering has the privilege to guarantee credit for it. It is the aggregate investment of individuals which made the state.

What are you singing about nowadays?

I visited numerous spots in Telangana to advance Bahujana Bathukamma. It is gone for guaranteeing the cooperation of all gatherings in praising the Bathukamma celebration. The celebration is restricted to particular segments of society, now that the fantasy of Telangana state has been figured it out. Specialists and horticultural workers are not ready to participate in the festivals.

Do you have any plans to crusade for political gatherings? Who needs your help? The state Congress unit has called upon you to join their crusade. Will you do as such?

I am not challenging the Telangana Assembly races, nor am I supporting any political gathering. I simply need to clarify that we need to protect nature and can’t permit open-cast mining. I need to bring issues to light among individuals with the goal that they request that their competitors create a diagram or plan to keep individuals from relocating to urban communities for work.

Huge numbers of the unmistakable essences of the Telangana development, for example, Prof B Kodandaram and balladeer Gaddar appear to be frustrated with the TRS. For what reason is this?

TRS pioneers would prefer not to energize or bolster them. The TRS does not need any dispute or tumult. They need to extend that everything is okay under their administration. The administration hardware is being abused to smother Dalit developments in the state. False bodies of evidence are being documented against activists; individuals are as yet being murdered in experiences. For instance, five presumed fear mongers were murdered on April 8, 2015, close Alair in Nalgonda area of Telangana.

You upheld K Chandrashekar Rao amid the Telangana development. For what reason would you say you are against him now?

Rao, in the wake of turning into the central pastor of the state, has recently overlooked the individuals who upheld him amid the Telangana development. While he needed our help before, is it not required while administering the state? He has kept on supporting and empower business people from Andhra Pradesh.

I am not against the general population of Andhra Pradesh but rather against industrialists who flourish by misusing the general population of Telangana. Rao has neglected to disperse the abundance land to the landless poor. Not a solitary section of land of land has been recouped from the landowners till date. He utilized the suicides of youth in Telangana amid the tumult. Around 1,400 individuals relinquished their lives for the state however the new government has just distinguished a couple of several individuals as saints for Telangana.

Kaluvurthi Kavitha, KCR’s little girl, advanced Bathukamma celebration in Telangana. The facts confirm that I imparted the phase to Kavitha amid a ladies tradition in Warangal. She has overlooked me in the wake of being chosen to the Lok Sabha. I brought her via telephone to praise her, however futile. Afterward, her collaborator sent me a message. She has not addressed me in the last four-and-a-half years.

What, in your view, are the KCR government’s failings?

The TRS government has gave a false representation of the expectations of the general population of Telangana. It guaranteed the moon however conveyed nothing. The legislature has not helped understudies from monetarily poor families to seek after higher investigations. It has not been spent assets on development of school structures or repairing the current ones in provincial territories. I need the administration to empower young ladies to seek after higher investigations, rather than offering them some welfare plans. The TRS has likewise neglected to re-open sugar plants in Telangana.

Many laborers and sugarcane ranchers will profit if these processing plants are made useful once more. K Chandrashekar Rao has additionally not effectively alleviate the issues of workers in urban communities and agrarian workers in rustic zones. He has neglected to meet the desires for the general population

Personal Letters From KCR to Beneficiaries of His Schemes is TRS’s Latest Plan to Woo Voters

While trying to contact voters, Telangana guardian boss pastor K. Chandrasekhar Rao will send letters to individuals of the state in front of the December races.

The letters, every one of them with KCR’s mark, will be sent over the state to individuals benefiting plans of the Telangana government, sources told News18.

The thought is to keep the gathering’s vote bank flawless by helping individuals to remember the plans skimmed under four years of KCR’s standard, and to approach voters for their help this time as well, they included.

With more than 400 plans and around 1.5 crore recipients, the decision party has possessed the capacity to pick up a noteworthy hold in the state.

A couple of the ongoing plans, for example, ‘Rythu Bandhu’ and nonstop free power supply for rural area hosted earned the gathering generosity among ranchers.

Under the ‘Rythu Bandhu’ conspire, an agriculturist who claims land would be paid Rs 4,000 rupees for every section of land in both rabi and kharif seasons. According to a harsh gauge, there are around 54 lakh ranchers who are qualified for this plan.

Aside from these, protection plans and ‘KCR Kits’ – giving 12,000 rupees to a pregnant lady have likewise been a hit in the state. Additionally, around 58.6 lakh individuals have been profiting through different plans, as indicated by TRS MP K Keshav Rao.

Nonetheless, the resistance has called attention to guarantees made by the main pastor amid last races that still stay unfulfilled.

“I need to get some information about the 22 lakh twofold room houses that were guaranteed and not by any means 10,000 were assembled. He ought to compose letters to them that he is inept. There are 30 lakh jobless individuals – he ought to compose letters to them that he neglected to bring a joblessness arrangement,” Sravan Dasoju, Telangana Congress Pradesh Committee representative told News18.

In spite of the fact that the underlying arrangement was to send these letters by and by, to each family unit, through gathering pioneers who are battling, the group later chose to send it through a messenger.

As the state draws nearer to the surveys, the decision party has been crusading on full swing.

It has not been a smooth ride for the gathering. In a few cases, the decision party pioneers where mobbed, gheraoed and sent far from the towns while on battle. A couple of the towns have even chosen to blacklist races because of absence of foundation improvements and unfulfilled guarantees made by the neighborhood pioneers.

Notwithstanding, the gathering is cheerful that the KCR mark enchantment would help hold the vote bank.

Then again, the resistance has additionally been augmenting their diversion to feature the ‘counter incumbency’ of the Chief Minister. The restriction parties in the state are chipping away at a pre-survey coalition to stir the counter KCR force in Telangana.

Viral Video Shows Muslims Pledging Vote for Chandrashekar Rao’s TRS, Oppn Cries Foul

A video purportedly demonstrating a gathering of Muslim men in a mosque vowing their help to the TRS in the up and coming Telangana get together surveys within the sight of a state serve has turned into a web sensation, inciting the Chief Electoral Officer to arrange a test.

A few people in the video are seen promising Transport Minister in the guardian government Patnam Mahender Reddy their vote and the last expressing gratitude toward them for their help. Reddy will be the gathering’s contender for the Thandur situate.

“There were some daily paper reports and protests have additionally been made. Presently, since the model set of accepted rules isn’t on, if a voter guarantees, I don’t think it falls inside the domain of the appointive code infringement. In any case, we have asked the region constituent officer worried to give a provide details regarding that,” state’s CEO Rajat Kumar told PTI.

He said if there was some infringement like actuations being made, essential activity will take after. Mahender Reddy couldn’t be reached promptly for remarks.

Restriction parties, then, claimed that TRS boss and guardian Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao and different pioneers were doing “collective legislative issues” and taking part in “shameful moves” to win the races.

Telangana Congress representative Sravan Dasoju said the gathering has held up an objection with the Election Commission and he has likewise by and by tweeted to the survey board asking for what good reason it isn’t venturing in to check such practices and “controls”.

“The TRS, out of the dread of disappointment, is turning to this sort of hostile to Constitution rehearse which is adverse to the standards of mystery poll. This is shabby method for controlling individuals. KCR is presently terrified and has understood that he submitted a misstep by calling early surveys,” Dasoju said.

State BJP representative Krishna Saagar Rao said the video mirrored the governmental issues of “Muslim mollification” by TRS pioneers.

“It’s an unmistakable infringement of Representation of People Act. KCR is by all accounts the good example for pioneers, for example, this (Mahender Reddy). It is a shameless infringement of the tradition that must be adhered to look for votes based on religion,” Rao stated, including the BJP denounced such “low-level legislative issues”.

Rao said his gathering will investigate legitimate choices so stern move is made against Reddy.

Rahul Gandhi the ‘Biggest Buffoon in Country’: KCR’s Sharp Attack After Opting for Early Polls

Telangana boss clergyman and TRS president K Chandrashekar Rao went into assault mode not long after in the wake of making ready for snap surveys by prescribing the disintegration of the state get together as he portrayed Congress president Rahul Gandhi as the “greatest bozo” in the nation.

“The entire nation has perceived how he went and embraced Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Parliament and winked,” KCR told a news meeting. At the point when gotten some information about Gandhi’s intends to widely crusade in Telangana, the TRS boss stated: “The more he comes, it will be less demanding for us (to win races).”

KCR said Gandhi had acquired the heritage of the Congress’ Delhi domain and subsequently he was speaking to the general population of Telangana not to end up slaves to Delhi. “The choices of Telangana ought to be taken in Telangana,” he said.

He said that if Congress pioneers “come to ground and battle in the decisions, open will give the answer.” “Before 2014 numerous issues were in Telangana, similar to bomb impacts, power issues, public brutality yet now we are free of this,” he said.

The Congress, which is the primary restriction in the state, has said KCR owed a clarification to the general population with respect to what required him to stop the Assembly residency.

The state was framed after “such a large amount of battle and forfeits,” and individuals had such huge numbers of expectations on improvement, cultivate issues and work age yet those guarantees have not been satisfied, the Chief representative of the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee Sravan Dasoju said.

Charging a “questionable agreement” settlement between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rao, he guaranteed that if concurrent surveys were to be held for Lok Sabha and Telangana Assembly as planned one year from now, it would have transformed into a Rahul Gandhi versus Modi battle in states like Telangana profiting the Congress.

The TRS boss, be that as it may, discounted any coalition with the BJP, saying his was a 100 for every penny common gathering. “How might we hold hands with BJP?” he inquired. He additionally cleared up that the TRS would battle the decisions alone, however said his gathering stays benevolent with the MIM (All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen).

Rahul Gandhi Gets a ‘Warm Welcome’ in Bidar, Scheduled to Arrive in Hyderabad Soon

On his lady visit to Telangana in the wake of turning into the Congress President, Rahul Gandhi would address ladies Self-Help Groups, understudies and jobless youth, business visionaries and others in independent occasions in Hyderabad on Monday and Tuesday.

I will be in Bidar, Karnataka to address an open gathering at the Nehru Stadium today, at twelve. Later this evening and all of tomorrow, I will be in Hyderabad to meet natives, Congress party specialists and pioneers.

“The visit would give a clear lift to the gathering. This is his first visit to Telangana in the wake of getting to be party president. He assumed a key part in the arrangement of Telangana,” Deputy Leader of Congress in State Legislative Council P Sudhakar Reddy told PTI.

According to the calendar reported by Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee, Gandhi would land toward the evening on Monday and go to a tradition focus at Shamshabad here for the connection with ladies Self Help Groups.

On Tuesday, Gandhi would hold a video chat with 31,600 stall board of trustees presidents, mandal and area Congress presidents and furthermore state unit office bearers.

He would then have a collaboration with different media editors and agency boss for a hour at the inn where he would remain. Afterward, Gandhi would address around 150 youthful industrialists and CEOs from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

At night, Gandhi would go to an open gathering for understudies and jobless youth at Saroornagar stadium. Gandhi would leave for Delhi by 8.30 that night.