PM Modi Considers Three Options to Aid Farmers Hit by Low Crop Prices: Report

Leader Narendra Modi is thinking about three alternatives for an alleviation bundle to help agriculturists enduring as a result of low product costs at an expense of as much as Rs 3 lakh crore, as indicated by three government sources.

The potential outcomes are an immediate installment to all landowning agriculturists, remuneration for the individuals who sold deliver beneath government costs, and an advance waiver plot.

In front of the 2019 Lok Sabha surveys, Modi is edgy to hook back help among India’s 263 million agriculturists and their a huge number of wards after the BJP as of late lost capacity to the Congress in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.

The legislature is quick to figure out how to get cash to ranchers as fast and basically as could be expected under the circumstances with the goal that they can feel the advantages previously the race. That could come at a noteworthy expense to its financial plan, which is now stressed in view of lower-than-anticipated assessment incomes, and is probably going to undermine its monetary shortage focus for the year finishing off with March.

The BJP won a significant part of the provincial vote in 2014 yet there has been expanding outrage with the administration in country belts as the Modi government has attempted to inspire the market to assume a greater job in setting costs and looked to lessen government mediation. Solid harvest creation in the previous two years and lower than anticipated fares have consolidated to drive costs down when some ranch costs have been flooding.

The snappiest choice, and as of now the most supported inside the legislature, is to straightforwardly pay landowning agriculturists Rs 1,700-2,000 for every section of land, said two of the sources, including one at the ranch service. They talked on condition they not be recognized.

The back service gauges such a plan, which implies ranchers would get the cash before next sowing season, could cost up to Rs 1 lakh crore.

The second choice is remunerate ranchers for the distinction they gotten by moving their create in the market contrasted and the administration value that is set for grains and some different items, one of the back service authorities said. That would be less expensive, costing about Rs 500 billion, the authority included.

That alternative has some real disadvantages, however, as government bolster plans have lost validity since they don’t cover all homestead deliver and guaranteeing from the administration has frequently demonstrated troublesome. Agents have additionally exploited such plans by influencing the agriculturist to give them a player in any appropriation or remuneration.

The most costly alternative—at an expense of as much as Rs 3 lakh crore—and the slightest supported inside the legislature, would include discounting ranch advances by up to Rs 1 lakh for each individual. That is an arrangement that is being pushed hard by the restriction Congress.


“Extensively, the legislature is thinking about three alternatives – discounting some homestead credits, presenting a value differential arrangement and direct exchange of money to agriculturists,” said a source at the ranch service.

Every one of the three sources, said that the legislature has not yet talked about the manners by which it intends to subsidize any of the plans.

In the most recent week PM Modi had a progression of gatherings with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Agriculture Ministry Radha Mohan Singh and authorities from its best research organization Niti Aayog to gauge its alternatives for a ranch help program.

BJP president Amit Shah additionally met Agriculture Minister Singh the previous evening to examine the recommendations, as indicated by a senior bureau serve, who did not have any desire to be named.

The administration is likewise intending to support any bundle by modifying the current product protection arrangement to encourage simpler settlement of cases and furthermore give more prominent non-collateralized credit survey to ranchers, the priest said.​

Varun Gandhi Busts ‘NREGA Myths’ in New Book on Rural India. BJP May Not be Impressed

The last time the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act hit the features was when Prime Minister Narendra Modi considered it a “living landmark of UPA’s disappointment”. He scrutinized the intelligence of the legislature in sending an expansive populace to burrow trenches. In any case, this may very well be a fantasy and BJP MP Varun Gandhi is out to bust it with his new book A Rural Manifesto, which he names as a “scholastic study” of provincial strategies.

In one segment of the book, which discharged on Wednesday, Gandhi expresses, “While a few gatherings have made unconfirmed cases that MGNREGA includes burrowing trenches and after that topping them off, with no handiness, the truth has been unique.”

Gandhi upheld the provincial business conspire propelled in the UPA period. “MNREGA is chiefly a decent plan and I am supportive of it,” he said.

Gandhi, who turned into a MP in 2009, says he broke his pledge of giving his compensation to groups of obligation ridden agriculturists who submitted suicide since he understood that not very many individuals profited from it.

“I gave my pay, which continued for a couple of years, however I understood that not very many profited from it. I additionally perused that subaltern developments are missing and addressed why the governmental issues today is without bigger developments. We chose to take a seat and draw up a monetary model to comprehend why agriculturists submit suicide. We went over numerous purposes behind it,” he says.

Gandhi says he put in a great deal of foundation with his group to recognize the issues in provincial India. He says his group ruled against a gift drive to assist ranchers as 90% of them were at the danger of falling once again into the obligation trap.

Subsequent to endeavoring to graph financial models for ranchers, Gandhi says he understood that arrangement measures are expected to encourage 500 million individuals. That is the point at which he managed the subject and began making a trip to Gram Sabha gatherings.


Varun Gandhi’s book investigates the possibility of the Indian town as an autonomous financial element, enlivened from his movements and encounters as a Member of Parliament. One of the basic viewpoints with regards to analyzing financial texture of an Indian town is rustic work and Gandhi investigated that through NREGA.

As he would like to think, Indian agribusiness has commonly had abundant supply of work, which is generally underutilized given the regular idea of work. As work supply developed, cultivating compensation declined. Indeed, even today, India’s rural workers remain a dismissed class, with low pay and sporadic business while having practically zero abilities or preparing.

“The Act offers a rights put together methodology as opposed to centering with respect to advertise based chance. Wherever conceivable manual incompetent employments are offered at least wages, constraining work abuse and putting floor on provincial wages. The program uses a base up methodology with critical association from Panchayati raj Institutions as partners,” Gandhi writes in the book.

“The Act likewise conceived the production of maintainable resources in country zones, which would contribute towards the characteristic asset base, while advancing manageable improvement. Hypothetically, audit and strict cautiousness over undertakings was a basic piece of the program,” he includes. He calls NREGA a “noteworthy focal plan with motivating forces for states to energize it”.

In the book, Gandhi likewise manages the generalization that the plan ropes in just poor specialists. “With generalizations about MGNREGA connect investment with the to a great degree poor, this isn’t in every case genuine. MGNREGA attracts laborers who have low instruction level and originated from rather poor foundations three fourths of the family unit taking an interest in MGNREGA are non-poor.”


The MNREGA was acquired with the objective of giving a security net to rustic work and to make nearby resources. It had looked to give work of no less than 100 days in a budgetary year for rustic family units. Of 153 sorts of undertakings that can be attempted under the plan, just about 100 fall under the Natural Resource Management (NRM) part and with 71 of these are identified with water works.

Gandhi says that an overview of 4,100 works made under MGNREGA uncovered that 87% of them were practical (with 75% of works being identified with horticulture, specifically or in a roundabout way) and a larger part of the remaining associate homes, homesteads and markets.

With individuals’ inclusion in choosing the kinds of works, relatively 90% members felt that the works were helpful, particularly with takes a shot at private terrains scoring better as far as handiness and support.

The book refers to ponders directed crosswise over 2,057 families in four states by Indian Institute of Science in a joint effort with the provincial advancement service to call attention to that MGNREGS works have added to expanded groundwater levels, enhanced water accessibility for water system and, thusly, expanded the net territory under development.


Gandhi, in any case, yielded that much can be progressed. He says MNREGA experiences lacking budgetary distributions and incidental installment delays in 72% of towns.

His book brings up that grassroots associations like NREGA Sangharsh Morcha assessed that over 9.2 crore laborers may not be getting their duty on time, with postponed wage installments evaluated at Rs 3,066 crore. Studies uncover that installment related postponements were in charge of relatively 71% of relinquished works, while specialized troubles represented 15%.

Broken meaning of ‘delay’ under the Act, which calls for enthusiasm on installment contribution to the recipient, prompts 86% of genuine defer pay not determined, the book says.

“The issue is that there is incorporated basic leadership in the entire of rustic approach in this nation. Presently with brought together arrangement settling on the selection of ventures is now and then of problematic effectiveness. We may need channels to be worked in territories and a few regions may have a water overflow. Perhaps a district needs something different. We can’t have cover choices taken. Choices ought to be base up and subaltern and recognizable proof of issues which can have top down arrangement,” Gandhi says

Illegal Migrants Will be Expelled ‘One by One’, Says Amit Shah in Poll-bound Rajasthan

BJP boss Amit Shah on Thursday hit out at the Congress over unlawful transients from Bangladesh and said his legislature will endeavor to oust them from the nation one by one.

Tending to an open gathering in front of the December 7 get together decisions in Rajasthan, he asked Congress president Rahul Gandhi to clear up whether infiltrators ought to be permitted to remain. The Bharatiya Janata Party president said the Congress can’t create or secure the nation.

Amid the 10 years of the past Congress government’s standard at Center, there was no control on penetration, he said at the gathering in Karauli area. “Vote in favor of Vasundhara Raje in 2018 in Rajasthan and for Narendra Modi in 2019, Shah said. “I guarantee you that BJP government will work to toss out every single gatecrasher from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and Assam to Gujarat one by one,” he included.

He featured the careful strike directed by the Army in Pakistan-held domain over the Line of Control. He said the BJP governments at the Center and in Rajasthan had executed welfare plans covering all segments of society. Shah said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has attempted to make the nation pleased over the globe.

“Congress is wandering off in fantasy land about returning to control, he stated, requesting that the gathering take a gander at its execution in decisions since the BJP came to control at the Center,” he said.

Understand Hindu Religion Better Than BJP, Don’t Need Certificate to Visit Temples: Rahul Gandhi

Congress boss Rahul Gandhi hit back at the BJP on Tuesday, stating that he comprehends the Hindu religion superior to the gathering and does not require a “declaration” to visit sanctuaries.

Multi day after the BJP’s point that Gandhi was “displaying extravagant dress Hinduism” with his sanctuary visits in the survey bound Madhya Pradesh and in different states prior, the Congress pioneer answered, “Are the nation’s sanctuaries the sole property of the BJP and the RSS? Have just Modi and Shah got the agreement to visit sanctuaries?”

Cooperating with select writers here, Gandhi stated, “I am not a ‘Hinduwadi’ pioneer, but rather a patriot pioneer. I am a pioneer of each religion, each station, each dialect and each class,” he said.

He addressed why the BJP stays quiet at whatever point Prime Minister Narendra Modi or the BJP president Amit Shah visit a sanctuary wearing garments according to that sanctuary’s custom.

“Yet, when Kamal Nath, Jyotiraditya Scindia and I wear garments according to the sanctuary’s convention, it is said that we are displaying extravagant dress Hinduism,” he said.

Gandhi had begun his two-day voyage through Madhya Pradesh on Monday subsequent to offering supplications at Ujjain’s well known Mahakaleshwar sanctuary.

Hours after Gandhi’s sanctuary visit, BJP representative Sambit Patra had claimed, “… Rahul Gandhi is showing extravagant dress Hinduism consistently. To misdirect the Hindus, he is brandishing a “janeu” (sacrosanct string) over the shirt. We request that ‘janeudhari’ Rahul Gandhi clear up to which ‘gotra’ (family) does he have a place with.”

Gandhi stated, “On the off chance that I crave heading off to a sanctuary and offering supplications to God then I will visit it. I needn’t bother with an authentication from the BJP. I comprehend Hindu religion superior to anything the BJP does.”

Answering to an inquiry, he said he visits mosques, gurudwaras, chapels and different spots of love as he regards each religion.

Portraying Hinduism and Hindutva as two distinct ideas, he stated, “Hinduism is a liberal and dynamic idea that shows love and regard for other people, while there is disdain, frailty and outrage in the establishment of the BJP’s concept of Hindutva.”

“The BJP has responsibility for. Yet, nobody can guarantee sole responsibility for in light of the fact that it is an incredible idea. Nobody gathering can have a restraining infrastructure over it… We are a gathering which accepts not in Hindutva, but rather in Hinduism,” he said.

“When I visited sanctuaries amid the Gujarat races, the BJP went frantic reasoning how could I go there, in spite of the fact that I had been to sanctuaries before. I had additionally visited Ayodhya,” he said.

On an inquiry in regards to endeavors to bring the issue of Ram sanctuary into center in front of the up and coming surveys, he stated, “The Modi government has neglected to satisfy the guarantees of completion defilement, bringing great days, giving employments to adolescents and right costs to the agriculturists for their deliver.”

“This legislature can see just a single method to spare itself. In any case, it won’t have the capacity to spare itself,” he said.

Urjit Patel Finally Defending RBI from Modi, Better Late Than Never: Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi said on Monday it is pleasant to see RBI Governor Urjit Patel “at long last protecting” the national bank from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and noticed that the nation will never permit the BJP-RSS join to “catch” foundations.

He said it was not very late for the RBI representative to remain with regards to the Reserve Bank of India, after reports said there was a fracture among Patel and ‘Group Modi’.

“Decent that Mr Patel is at last protecting the RBI from ‘Mr 56’. Better late then never (sic). India will never permit the BJP/RSS to catch our establishments,” Gandhi said on Twitter.

Previous back clergyman and Congress pioneer P Chidambaram said there probably been some grave motivation behind why RBI appointee representative Viral Acharya pitched for “viable autonomy” of the bank and, in the reference, said he is appreciative to Patel for urging him to investigate the subject.

“So I think the issue is not kidding enough and it’ll be ideal if the RBI and the legislature don’t talk over one another through addresses, we’ve had two as of now,” he said.

Chidambaram said it would be better if the noble routine with regards to the back priest and the legislative leader of the RBI meet in private and examine issues.

“We have done that previously and it has functioned admirably, for what reason are individuals conveying addresses over one another I don’t have the foggiest idea,” he said when asked in regards to the discussion.

According to reports, the long-stewing disagreement between the national bank and the administration is transforming into an extremely open fight. Acharya in a hard-hitting discourse Friday on national bank’s autonomy startled his group of onlookers by conjuring Argentina of 2010.

Acharya had said governments that don’t regard national bank’s freedom would at some point or another cause the “fury of money related markets, touch off monetary fire and come to mourn the day they undermined a vital administrative organization”.

In the midst of occasions of clear contrasts between the administration and the RBI, Acharya underlined that undermining a national bank’s autonomy is similar to submitting a “self objective” for any legislature.

Conveying the A D Shroff Memorial Lecture, he stated, “What makes a difference is the successful autonomy with which these forces (vested in the Acts administering the RBI or any national bank) can be practiced practically speaking.”

Rs 3,000 Crore Splurged on Statue of Unity, Thousands of Families Displaced: CPI

The CPI on Tuesday excoriated the Narendra Modi government for “rampage spending” about Rs 3,000 crore on building Sardar Patel’s tremendous statue when obligation ridden ranchers are “being headed to suicide” and a large number of individuals are pooing in the open for need of sanitation offices.

The 182 m Statue of Unity, touted as the world’s tallest, is slated to be uncovered by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Gujarat on Wednesday.

CPI national secretary Binoy Viswam asserted that 75,000 adivasi families living close to the Sardar Sarovar dam had been rendered destitute to encourage the development of the mammoth structure.

“While uncovering the structure in the midst of trademark exhibition, the head administrator would do well to observe the way that inhabitants of 12 towns arranged along the dam have chosen not to cook sustenance in their kitchen in dissent against the administration’s overbearing that was in plain view while executing the task”, he asserted at a question and answer session here.

“While touting the statue as the tallest on the planet he (the PM) should likewise clarify the rationale behind spending too much Rs 2979 crore on a solitary venture when agrarian pain is driving agriculturists to suicide”, the Rajya Sabha MP said.

The statue, he stated, is an affront to Sardar Patel as he would have never consented to the uprooting of 75,000 adivasi families to encourage the development of a statue.

“The ‘Statue of Unity’ is declaration to the way that Make in India is as much a sham as Swachh Bharat has been. While crores of Indians are as yet crapping in the open because of absence of sanitation offices, 99 percent chip away at the statue was finished abroad.

“Modi and the RSS – which has been his institute of matriculation – are the Indian beneficiaries of Hitler and Goebbels for whom spreading deception is a belief system. We and all Left and mainstream parties are along these lines focused on crushing the BJP in the following general decisions”, Viswam declared.

A start to this end has just been made in Patna where all similarly invested gatherings had assembled and talked in one voice at a rally sorted out by CPI, he asserted.

State CPI secretary Satya Narayan Singh was likewise present at the question and answer session.

Statue of Unity: Rahul Gandhi Accuses Govt of ‘Treason’, Says It’s Destroying Institutions Built by Sardar Patel

Congress president Rahul Gandhi Wednesday blamed the legislature for “conspiracy”, saying there was a “deliberate pulverization” of organizations that Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had helped assemble.

His comments came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi disclosed the ‘Statue of Unity’ of Patel in Gujarat. The 182-meter statue, the world’s tallest, has been based on an islet close to the Sardar Sarovar Dam in Narmada area. It is double the stature of the Statue of Liberty in the US.

Tearing into Modi, the Congress boss tweeted, “Unexpected that a statue of Sardar Patel is being initiated, however every organization he helped assemble is being crushed.” “The efficient decimation of India’s establishments is absolutely conspiracy,” he said.

In another tweet, Gandhi said Patel was a loyalist, who battled for a free, joined together and common India. “A man with a steely will, tempered by sympathy, he was a Congressman deeply, who had no resistance for bias or communalism. On his introduction to the world commemoration, I salute this incredible child of India,” he tweeted.

We’ll Grab the World’s Attention on October 31, PM Modi Tells Indian Community in Tokyo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday addressed the Indian diaspora in Japan and thanked the community for raising India’s prestige in the country.

Modi, who arrived in Japan on Friday evening to attend the 13th India-Japan annual summit, detailed India’s economic and technological growth during his tenure. “India is going through a massive transformative phase today. The world is appreciating India for its service to humanity. The nation is being felicitated for its policies and for the work being done towards public welfare,” he said.

Hailing the expanding network of telecommunications and internet in India, Modi said, “Today India is making tremendous progress in field of digital infrastructure. Broadband connectivity is reaching villages, over 100 crore mobile phones are active in India; 1 GB is cheaper than a small bottle of cold drink. This data is becoming the tool for service delivery,” he said.

Speaking about Make in India, Modi said the initiative has emerged as global brand. “We’re manufacturing quality products not only for India but for the world. India is becoming a global hub, especially in field of electronics and automobile manufacturing. We’re rapidly moving towards being no.1 in mobile phones manufacturing,” he said

Modi also gave the Indian community a sneak peek at the celebrations planned for Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s birth anniversary on October 31, which will be celebrated as Rashtriya Ekta Diwas or National Unity Day across India.

“We celebrate Sardar Patel’s birth anniversary every year, but this time we’ll grab the attention of the entire world. In Gujarat, his birthplace, Sardar sahab’s statue — the tallest in the world — is being built,” the PM said.

The PM will dedicate the statue to Patel on October 31. Erected on the banks of the River Narmada in Gujarat, the structure is twice the height of the Statue of Liberty in the US.

NCP Says Sharad Pawar Hasn’t Given Clean Chit to PM Modi in Rafale Deal, Demands JPC Probe

The NCP said on Thursday that its boss Sharad Pawar has not given any spotless chit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Rafale issue, after the resistance pioneer’s comments that “individuals have no questions” over the PM’s aims in the arrangement.

Patriot Congress Party (NCP) representative Nawab Malik additionally repeated the gathering’s requests that the focal government unveil the cost of the contender planes and a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) test the issue.

In a meeting to a Marathi news channel, Pawar had said that he didn’t surmise that individuals have questions about Modi’s expectations in the Rafale bargain.

Pawar, a previous Defense Minister, had likewise said that the Opposition’s interest to share specialized subtle elements identifying with the warrior planes “had neither rhyme nor reason”. He, be that as it may, said there was no damage for the legislature to reveal costs of the flying machine.

Malik said Thursday that the media reports over Pawar’s announcement are “befuddling and misdirecting”.

“He (Pawar) has not put forth any expression shielding Modi nor has he given any spotless chit (in the Rafale bargain matter),” the NCP pioneer said. Malik said what Pawar implied was that individuals at first didn’t have questions about the executive.

“What Pawar saheb said was that the manner in which the issue is being quieted (by the administration) and consideration of individuals from the issue is being redirected, the uncertainty is developing,” Malik said.

In his meeting, Pawar had additionally said that the manner in which Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman introduced the administration’s side prompted perplexity in the brains of individuals.

Citing Pawar, Malik said the legislature should share data about acceleration of the warrior planes cost. “The manner in which the BJP had demanded framing a JPC in the Bofors bargain in the 1980s, it should now permit development of such a board of trustees regarding the Rafale issue as well,” Malik requested.

His comments came even as BJP boss Amit Shah praised Sharad Pawar’s remarks and asked Congress president Rahul Gandhi to trust his very own partner who has put “national interests above gathering legislative issues”.

“I express gratitude toward Sharad Pawar, a previous Defense Minister and veteran MP, for setting national interests above gathering legislative issues and talking reality. Dear Rahul Gandhi, you would be more astute by trusting your very own partner and a pioneer of Pawar Saheb’s stature,” Shah tweeted. He labeled the Congress president in his tweet which likewise joined a news story on Pawar’s remarks.

In the mean time, Malik said NCP specialists will watch a “maun vrat” (promise of quietness) for three hours on the event of the 150th birth commemoration of Mahatma Gandhi on October 2.

The Congress has propelled a hostile against the BJP government over the Rafale manage France, claiming defilement and infringement of principles.

The resistance party has blamed the legislature for making misfortune the general population exchequer and imperiling national security by bypassing state-run Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) for some businessperson “companions” for granting the balance contract.

With Polls Round the Corner, UP Health Minister to Visit Bengal to Deliver Talk on Ayushman Bharat

Uttar Pradesh Health Minister Siddharth Nath Singh will be in Kolkata on September 30 to convey an address on the Ayushman Bharat Mission. In any case, with surveys round the corner, the address is probably going to go up against a political shade.

Aside from the Ayushman Bharat Mission of the National Health Protection Scheme, Singh – who had broadly begat the trademark ‘Bhag Mamata Bhag’ in 2014 – is additionally anticipated that would talk regarding why an Assam-like National Register of Citizens (NRC) would be a “smart thought for Bengal”, said BJP sources.

In an open gathering in 2014, Singh, who at the time was BJP’s West Bengal in-control, had stated, “In 2015 it will be bhag Mukul (Roy) bhag. In 2016 it will be Bhag Mamata Bhag (run).” Although his expectation didn’t work out with the BJP completing an inaccessible third in the 2016 Assembly races. Things however have changed from that point forward.

Mukul Roy, for example, has joined the BJP and hosts been vital to the gathering’s arrangements for the 2019 Lok Sabha surveys. The gathering has been additionally encouraged by their execution in the state panchayat decisions in May, where it developed as the second-most overwhelming player and has likewise completed second in three bypolls this year.

BJP president Amit Shah has said that the BJP will win no less than 22 out of the 42 Lok Sabha seats from the state and he would visit each locale actually before the surveys.

A BJP pioneer clarified, “Siddharth Nath Singh knows and comprehends Bengal governmental issues. He will talk on Ayushman Bharat, which is again something that the Bengal CM indiscriminately contradicted and afterward later acknowledged. This is the thing that she has been doing all through: daze resistance to attempt and befuddle the voters. In any case, the voters won’t be tricked.”

West Bengal joined NHPM before a month ago after at first being to a great degree reproachful of the plan, indicating the express government’s current protection plot. According to its MoU, the NHPM will be in West Bengal in union with the state wellbeing plan Swasthya Saathi, under which 40 lakh families are given a yearly wellbeing front of Rs 5 lakh.

The BJP pioneers indicated out that the choice likewise talk about NRC with regards to Bengal was critical. Banerjee has been a standout amongst the most vocal commentators of the NRC, naming it a “hostile to Bengali exercise”.

Hitting out at Mamata, Amit Shah asked the West Bengal CM to “illuminate whether national security is essential for them (TMC) or vote bank.”

It is this issue of “vote bank”, BJP pioneers stated, which will be enter for them in the coming decision. Singh’s address on September 30, they included, would set the tone for their crusade.

Invasion along the Indo-Bangladesh outskirt has for some time been a political issue which the BJP has

used in the state.

Amid the 2016 decision battle, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh had both explained the “issue of unlawful relocation”. Singh had talked about Bangladesh as a “well disposed nation” and the requirement for better administration of the outskirt, while Modi had connected the absence of work openings in the state to illicit relocation.

“This is an emotive issue for Bengal. Mamata Banerjee is endeavoring to befuddle the voters of Bengal, by making this a Bengali versus non-Bengali issue.

This is on account of it is her legislature that has enabled the invasion to happen. This is a national issue not a local one,” said another senior BJP pioneer.