Excluded from Karnataka Cabinet, Congress Leader Says Party Pacifying Those Who Threaten to Quit

Multi day after the Karnataka bureau was reshuffled, senior Congress official Ramalinga Reddy hit out at his gathering after he was denied a billet in the new bureau.

The previous home pastor additionally blamed the gathering for overlooking the individuals who have been related with it for long.

“The individuals who host been in the get-together from the earliest starting point are not conversed with. The individuals who state they will leave are called and mollified. Two or three such individuals have been made pastors,” he told media on Sunday.

Reddy had before been tight-lipped about his mistake for being denied a bureau compartment until half a month prior.

He emphasized that the gathering’s choice to offer inclination to a few seniors and leaving the rest like him out of it was out of line.

“There are two individuals in the gathering who need to sideline me. Will uncover names when the time comes,” he said.

“There are three or four individuals who take choices here. They disclose it to Delhi and the central leadership passes by those words,” he included.

While over and again saying that he has not and won’t talk with the gathering for a bureau compartment, he said he was just disturbed about the measuring stick utilized by the gathering to touch base at these choices.

“I have censured the BJP in the state and at the Center. Just two or three different pioneers in our gathering did that. The rest were frightened,” he said.

As far back as the names for the second round of bureau extension and reshuffle turned out, pioneers whose names were avoided have communicated their mistake.

Gathering president in Karnataka Dinesh Gundu Rao has just cautioned nonconformists saying that strict move will be made against offense of gathering individuals.

“Individuals had been enlisted dependent on legitimacy and provincial portrayal. The individuals who haven’t been given compartments may in any case be obliged as non-performing clergymen,” he said.

Pastors R Shankar and Ramesh Jarakiholi were dropped from the bureau giving route for two additional competitors on Saturday.

Mining Baron Janardhana Reddy’s Remark on Death of Siddaramaiah’s Son Sparks Outrage

Mining aristocrat G Janardhana Reddy has ended up at the focal point of a line over his implied comments about the passing of previous Karnataka boss priest Siddaramaiah’s child with the BJP requesting that he delicate an expression of remorse, even as it drew Congress’ rage.

In a meeting to a nearby news channel as of late, Reddy purportedly alluded to the demise of Siddaramaiah’s child as “God’s discipline”, as he blamed the Congress pioneer for warding off him from his youngsters by sending him to imprison for a long time, by “abusing” the main pastor’s office.

“For fending off me from my kids, God has rebuffed him,” Reddy apparently said.

Siddaramaiah’s child, Rakesh Siddaramaiah had passed on of multi-organ disappointment at a doctor’s facility in Belgium in July 2016.

Denouncing the comments, BJP state unit boss BS Yeddyurappa requested that Reddy apologize.

“Janardhana Reddy’s remark about the demise of Siddaramaiah’s child is something that does not offer beauty to him. I denounce it. I likewise request that Janardhana Reddy ought to apologize,” he told correspondents at Shivamogga Wednesday.

Siddaramaiah hit out at Reddy’s comments and stated, “The previous priest needs culture and mankind”.

“In governmental issues we may scrutinize one another, that is unique, yet bringing family into it isn’t great. Individuals won’t acknowledge it,” he said.

In a tweet Tuesday, Siddaramaiah had stated, “Janardhana Reddy has said my child’s demise is god’s discipline to me. I go to god, not to rebuff your youngsters for your transgressions”.

Reddy’s comments drew sharp response from a few Congress pioneers and clergymen, including DK Shivakumar and RV Deshpande.

BJP pioneers – previous vice president serve R Ashoka and previous priest Suresh Kumar, both MLAs, said it wasn’t right to make individual remarks about somebody’s demise.

The saffron party has repelled itself from Reddy who has, notwithstanding, been making comments for the gathering.

BJP national president Amit Shah had, in front of the state gathering surveys, kept up that Reddy, a charged in an unlawful mining case, has nothing do with the gathering.

The corrupted mining nobleman’s compatriot and state senior BJP pioneer B Sriramulu’s sister J Shantha is challenging the November 3 by-surveys from Reddy’s home turf of Ballari Lok Sabha supporters.

Actress-Turned-Minister Jayamala Isolated, Upset Congress Leaders Want a Senior to Replace Her

Tuesday was her first day as pioneer of the House in the upper House of Karnataka council. The performer turned-serve Jayamala, 59, was cornered by the resistance BJP on different issues and the stalwarts of her gathering Congress stayed quiet onlookers without trying to safeguard the legislature and Jayamala.

Her absence of authoritative experience and for all intents and purposes no sponsorship by her own gathering associates aggravated the issue for the “fantasy young lady” of Kannada silver screen of yesteryears. The resistance BJP took the full favorable position of partitioned Congress on the very beginning.

The first run through MLC Jayamala’s enlistment into the JDS-Congress bureau multi month back had raised a few eyebrows and numerous senior MLC s had straightforwardly scrutinized the justification behind it. The five ladies MLA s from the Congress had likewise scrutinized the choice contending that pastoral compartment ought to have gone to a chosen lady MLA, rather than a selected MLC.

The senior MLCs from the Congress like H M Revanna, S R Patil, VS Ugrappa and CM Ibrahim who were peering toward the ecclesiastical compartment made their dismay open by avoiding party gatherings.

By the excellence of being the solitary clergyman among the MLCs Jayamala got the pined for post of pioneer of the House in the Vidhana Parishad. The state Mahila Congress president and MLA Lakshmi Hebbalkar was the most vocal in her restriction to Jayamala’s assignment to the gathering of pastors. Assaulting the high charge for disregarding her, Hebbalkar had said that they had favored Jayamala’s “administrations” over her “administrations” to the gathering.

It had incensed Jayamala and she had hit back at Hebbalkar calling her envious and inhumane towards another lady. A couple of ladies associations have likewise denounced the utilization of word “benefit”.

Nearby Kannada TV channels disclosed a few civil arguments on Jayamala versus Hebbalkar war of words making the entire scene considerably uglier making a colossal humiliation the Congress.

Around 20 Congress MLCs have just appealed to the gathering supervisors asking for them to influence one of the senior individuals to pastor and pioneer of the house.

The fingers are being pointed at the Congress responsible for Karnataka and AICC general secretary K C Venugopal. Gathering insiders consider Kerala MP in charge of Jayamala’s sudden political fortunes. Some contend that she owes the situation to previous boss priest Siddaramaiah who made her a MLC amid his administration.

A senior pioneer of the Congress said “it is either Venugopal or Siddaramaiah who made her a clergyman. Or on the other hand both take part in her height. She has zero political or administrative experience. By what method will she go up against the powerful BJP in the place of senior citizens? Normally, we are altogether disturbed and not participating with her. The Congress is in an awful shape. Without contemplating its unsafe position a few pioneers are making more damage it by advancing their colleagues for individual reasons”.

Her standing has additionally turned into an issue in the entire scene. Jayamala is a Billava or hard stuff tappers who have a sizable populace in waterfront and Malnad (uneven locale) Karnataka. The BJP cleared these two areas in the ongoing Assembly decisions. The Congress pioneers contend that a large portion of her position voted in favor of the BJP managing a final knockout to the gathering and influencing her a pastor to even after the survey fiasco makes no sense and thinking.

The BJP has made Kota Srinivasa Poojary who is likewise from the same Billave rank, pioneer of the resistance in the upper House and it has muddled the issues for the decision JDS-Congress collusion.

Addressing News18 Jayamala shielded her rise. She stated, “I am a PhD holder in political science from Bangalore University. I was the administrator of Karnataka Film Chambers. I have been in legislative issues since 1990s. Some desirous individuals are spreading a wide range of bits of gossip about me. I will demonstrate them wrong by performing admirably in the House”.

A portion of her supporters contend that Jayamala’s height has harmed the male self image and the male pioneers are contradicting her for that.

In any case, some senior MLCs junk such speculations asserting that amid BJP’s administration veteran Congress pioneer and a Dalit lady pioneer Motamma was pioneer of the restriction in the upper House and nobody had contradicted her at that point.

Jayamala had hit the national features 12 years by making a staggering case that she had entered the Sanctum Santorum at Aiyappa Swamy sanctuary in Sabarimala somewhere in the range of 30 years back. It had prompted a furore in Kerala and she was accused of harming religious estimations.

Later she was absolved by the court.