‘Can’t Become Nehru by Wearing Nehru Jackets’: Cong Hits Out at PM Modi Over His Sartorial Choice

Hitting out at PM Narendra Modi over his decision of garments, senior Congress pioneer Ahmed Patel said that one can’t turn into a pioneer like previous head administrator Jawaharlal Nehru just by wearing a “Nehru coat” or wearing originator coats and kurtas like Rajiv Gandhi.

Tending to a rally at Himmatnagar in Sabarkantha locale of Gujarat on Saturday, Patel stated, “You can’t progress toward becoming Jawaharlal Nehru just by wearing a Nehru coat, neither would you be able to wind up Indira Gandhi by going on outside excursions. You can’t progress toward becoming Rajiv Gandhi by wearing creator coats and kurtas. To be in the association of such pioneers, you need to make penances like them. Do you have

the strength to do that?”

He further said that the decision in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh demonstrated that individuals were disenthralled with the BJP. “When you came to control in 2014 by making false guarantees and spreading lies, you might not have believed that you will wind up disliked inside only four years. Individuals are embittered with BJP now. That is the reason Congress won the gathering surveys in three states,” Patel said.

“When you came to control in 2014, you figured you will administer until the end of time. That was your sense of self. You didn’t understand that if individuals can place you in power, they can likewise expel you,” the pioneer said.

“Time has sought you (Modi) to clear the position of royalty in not so distant future. On the off chance that you don’t venture down, individuals will influence you to do as such,” the Congress veteran said.

To Modi’s ongoing correspond that Kartarpur in Punjab went to Pakistan at the season of Independence in view of “absence of vision” in Congress pioneers, Patel inquired as to whether Modi was likewise censuring Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a Congress stalwart of that period.

“On one hand you are building Sardar Patel’s statue and on the other you are offending him,” the Congress chief from Gujarat said. Modi and the BJP are attempting to delete history and present a “twisted variant” to guarantee that Congress chiefs did nothing for the nation, Patel affirmed.

Modi neglected to satisfy any of his pre-survey guarantees, for example, keeping Rs 15 lakh in everybody’s ledger by bringing back dark cash, he said. “They guarantee they have done each one of those things which the Congress couldn’t do in the last 70 years….Congress never plundered the nation in 60-70 years of its standard. In any case, they (the BJP) plundered the nation through demonetisation amid their four-year rule,” he said.

Veteran Congress Leader, Indira Gandhi Aide RK Dhawan Passes Away At 81

RK Dhawan, a nearby partner of previous leader Indira Gandhi and known to be a piece of her inward hover amid the Emergency years, passed away on Monday. He was 81.

Dhawan inhaled his last at the BL Kapur healing center around 7pm, sources near the family said. The previous Union clergyman was admitted to the doctor’s facility last Tuesday for age-related sicknesses.

“Our respect to veteran Congress pioneer, Sh. R.K.Dhawan, who inhaled his last today. His energetic soul, limitless responsibility and untiring devotion to the Congress goals will dependably be recollected. Tear,” Congress correspondences in-control Randeep Surjewala tweeted.

Previous President Pranab Mukherjee additionally communicated sadness at Dhawan’s death.

Profoundly stunned at passing without end of Shri RK Dhawan. In spite of the fact that he was debilitated I had never expected that the end will come so soon. A nearby partner and associate in Party and Government, he will everlastingly be affectionately recalled.

Punjab boss priest Captain Amarinder Singh said he was stunned and disheartened at the end and reviewed that he had worked intimately with him. “I would recollect forget him as a clever government official and faithful officer of the gathering. May he rest in peace and may God give his family the mettle to endure the misfortune,” he said on Twitter.

Disheartened by the passing ceaselessly of senior Congress pioneer n previous RajyaSabha MP Sh. RK Dhawan ji… His commitment for congress gathering will dependably be recollected. My ardent sympathies to his relatives in this hour of misery. May god give them quality to hold up under this misfortune. Tear

Amid his years as Indira Gandhi’s own secretary from 1962 to 1984, Dhawan allegedly used massive clout, with some guaranteeing that he controlled data and access to the then PM. Amid the Emergency years (1975-77), Dhawan was among Indira Gandhi’s internal hover of pioneers.

After Rajiv Gandhi assumed control over the reins of the Congress party and the administration following his mom’s death, there was discussion of Dhawan being sidelined. Be that as it may, he later came back to party undertakings and was chosen to the Rajya Sabha in 1990. He had additionally been an individual from the Congress Working Committee.

He was named priest of state (autonomous charge) for lodging and urban improvement (1995-1996). Dhawan additionally filled in as a part on different parliamentary boards.

He got married at 74 years old with Achla in 2011 and is made due by his better half.

The quick reason for his demise has been discovered as septicaemia and intense kidney damage, a source at the healing facility said. “He was experiencing growth. He was conceded on July 31 with grievances of laziness, diminished pee yield, diminished oral admission, free stools and shortcoming,” the source said.

“In spite of the fact that he was at first admitted to a ward, he was moved to the ICU on August 2 as his condition had crumbled. He passed on today at 7.09pm,” the source included.

Congress Can No Longer Get Votes Using Nehru, Indira’s Names: Chidambaram

Approaching gathering specialists to support for an intense fight in 2019, senior Congress pioneer P Chidambaram on Saturday said before all that the gathering needed to do was take Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi’s names to get votes, yet now they should work and fortify base at the stall levels to win the decisions.

He additionally included that things had transformed from the time when the Congress was an “unchallenged” political gathering in India and worried on the need to fortify it at the corner level.

“Sometime in the past all that the Congress needed to do was to specify the name of Jawaharlal Nehru or Indira Gandhi and after that a huge number of individuals would just go to the stall and vote,” Chidambaram said.

Chidambaram additionally asked his gathering specialists not to get tricked by the “BJP’s publicity of a Congress-mukt Bharat”, saying if at all there was a “mukt Bharat, it would be BJP-mukt”.

“It is a stall astute decision now, which is the reason in each corner we should be available… We should have enough individuals in each corner… What makes a difference currently is the quantity of feet on the ground,” he included.

He stated, that was the time when the Congress was an “unchallenged” political gathering in India, however things had changed, as they would in any nation.

“Today more political gatherings have come to assume critical parts and more local political gatherings have come,” he stated, tending to party men in the wake of propelling venture ‘Shakti’ in Bengaluru on Saturday.

The previous back pastor said that there were just two gatherings today which had a national impression – one was the Congress, and the other was the BJP.

“Try not to give the BJP a chance to trick us. Try not to be overawed by the BJP’s purposeful publicity that they can ever manufacture or have a Congress-mukt Bharat, that is just not going to happen,” he said.

Chidambaram said at times the gathering’s quality was solid, and now and then it was not as solid and included that these things would change.

“Because, say, we lose a race in Gujarat, does not imply that we are absent in that state. We are available in Gujarat, however we simply missed it. We simply missed it by a hair,” he said.

Chidambaram asserted that in Karnataka, the nearness of the Congress was more grounded than that of the BJP, as the gathering anchored 38 for every penny vote, while, the BJP got 36 for each penny.

“We had 2 for each penny advantage in votes, yet we had a 24 situate shortfall,” he stated, including that the investigation demonstrated that in seaside Karnataka the BJP’s vote share went up to 50 for every penny except in old Mysuru it dropped to very nearly 17 for every penny.

The vote can go up in a few territories and descend in a few, which implies it can have a major effect to the seats, said Chidambaram and asserted that the Congress’ quality was pretty much uniform over the state.

He propelled venture ‘Shakti’ in Karnataka for the Congress specialists, with a mean to reinforce the gathering’s ground association by interfacing laborers over each corner, town, square, town and regions.

Gathering specialists could select in the undertaking by sending a SMS containing their voter ID card number to a devoted number, party authorities stated, including that ‘Shakti’ would empower corner level laborers to connect with nearby administration on different issues.

Stressing the requirement for small scale administration of each stall, Chidambaram set August 15 as the due date for enlistment of lakhs of the specialists for the undertaking.

“Huge enlistment should happen starting today and we should have some outcome by August 15…

I’m certain beyond a shadow of a doubt with Project Shakti the Congress will duplicate its numbers significantly and in months to come we will have an extremely solid ground drive and prepare for the Parliament race at whatever point it happens,” he included.

‘Chaiwala’ Could Become PM Because Congress Preserved Democracy: Mallikarjun Kharge

The Congress’ Maharashtra in control, Mallikarjun Kharge, on Sunday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that a “chaiwala” could move toward becoming PM of the nation on the grounds that the gathering protected popular government.

“Executive Narendra Modi has been asking, at each capacity, about what the Congress has improved the situation the nation in the previous 70 years. A chaiwala like him (Modi) could wind up head administrator since we safeguarded popular government,” Kharge said.

He rattled off different plans of the BJP government and claimed that it had neglected to perform on all fronts.

“There has been reliable assaults on the character of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi. It is a consider assault by the BJP. The Congress is a family and we as a whole are its individuals,” he said.

“Modi talks about the Emergency that happened 43 years back, however shouldn’t something be said about the unproclaimed Emergency over the most recent four years? Ranchers are submitting suicide, agrarian plans are coming up short, agriculturists are not getting new advances and exchange is on the moderate track,” he guaranteed.

Hitting out further, Kharge stated, “Then again, the administration’s consumption on promoting is relentless. ‘Acche noise’ will come into the lives of individuals once the Modi government is deposed.”

The senior Congress pioneer from Karnataka, early in the day, evaluated party works and requested that laborers overlook contrasts between themselves.

“Meet up, battle together. We will win the Parliament surveys if the Congress wins in Maharashtra. Triumph at the Center relies upon Maharashtra,” he told party laborers.

A gathering pioneer who went to Kharge’s gathering said that the Congress would hold challenges in each of the six divisions of the state in the most recent seven day stretch of August or early September and Rahul Gandhi was probably going to take an interest.

“The Congress president may burn through two days at every one of the six divisions,” the gathering pioneer said.

He cited Kharge as saying that the Congress was attempting to frame a great collusion against the BJP and it would likewise convince the Left gatherings to go along with it so as to stay away from a split in mainstream votes.

The Maharashtra Congress Committee, in the mean time, propelled ‘Undertaking Shakti’ on Sunday which will empower voters to associate with the gathering and gathering president.

“Voters need to send an instant message with their voter personality number to a committed number (9928843010). This will enable the gathering to get data about its corner insightful qualities and shortcomings,” said Gokul Patel, national convener of Project Shakti.

Patel included that it would not request that voters share their Aadhaar numbers since the Congress needed to regard their entitlement to security.