OPINION | Indira Gandhi and Her Reluctance in Carving Out Punjabi-Speaking Punjab

Indira Gandhi was sharply contradicted to the formation of Punjab on phonetic lines as she used to nearly relate to her minority Hindu supporters in the state.

Scarcely a half year before her death, the head administrator tried to guarantee the greater part network that “if there is bad form to them or in the event that they didn’t get their rights, at that point it is hazardous to the respectability of the nation.” (Cited by AG Noorani in Economic and Political Weekly on November 3, 1990)

Indira had quite recently assumed control as head administrator in March 1966 when an interest for making of a Punjabi Suba was surrendered. In her book, My Truth (Vision Books), distributed in 1980, Indira had reviewed her worries of 1965 when she was Minister for Information and Broadcasting in the Lal Bahadur Shastri bureau and a panel under then Lok Sabha Speaker Sardar Hukum Singh had favored the formation of Punjabi Suba.

Indira composed that she was against the arrangement of Punjab based on dialect as it had let down Congress’ Hindu supporters. In her own words, “To yield the Akali request would mean deserting position to which it (Congress) was solidly dedicated and letting down its Hindu supporters in the anticipated Punjabi Suba… . This startling inversion of Congress police was absolutely unforeseen.”

After the 1947 Partition of Punjab, Sikhs seriously requested the development of a Punjabi-talking state, yet the First Reorganization of State Commission, 1956 under Justice Fazal Ali neglected to address their worries. Compelling Akali pioneers Fateh Singh and Tara Singh initiated a development for a different state in which Sikh religious, social and semantic trustworthiness could be saved.

At the point when the 1961 Census was led, Akali administration asserted that a staggering number of Hindus recorded Hindi as their native language, just to slow down the arrangement of a Punjabi-talking state or avert Sikhs who framed 58 percent of the populace, to run the state. In 1966, Punjab was part into three conditions of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

In this specific situation, Indira’s concern for Hindu affectability was huge. Indeed, even in 1980, when she was back as executive, her memory of “startling inversion of Congress arrangement” in letting down Congress’ Hindu supporters amid the development of Punjabi suba mirrored her profound worry for the Hindu people group. A portion of Indira’s biographers like Katherine Frank, SS Gill and Pupul Jayakar saw that when she had come back to control in 1980, Indira had turned part more touchy towards Hindu people group than Muslims or Sikhs. The Jan Sangh’s mastery over Janata Party and the arrangement of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and as once huge mob transformation of 1,300 Harijans to Islam in Meenakshipuram in April 1981 had made the leader stressed that collective issues would rule the political story.

The RSS perceived Indira’s anxiety for Hindus living in Punjab. Not long after her death on October 31, 1984, veteran RSS ideologue Nanaji Deshmukh composed a piece, distributed in a Hindi magazine Pratipaksh where Deshmukh portrayed Indira as , “… Indira Gandhi eventually secured a lasting spot at the doorstep of History as an extraordinary saint. With her dynamism conceived out of her courage and skill, she could take the nation forward like a monster for over 10 years… only she had the capacity to run the debauched political arrangement of our degenerate and separated society… ”

The formation of Punjabi Suba, nonetheless, did not satisfy Sikh people group’s political yearnings. Punjab was not given its capital Chandigarh despite Indira herself promising in January 1970. A few rounds of talks at both formal and casual levels were held all through 1970s and mid 1980s however Chandigarh issue stayed uncertain.

CPM pioneer Harkishan Singh Surjeet had disclosed to Mark Tully and Satish Jacob in 1982, “Three times in a half year an understanding was come to and three times the executive pulled out. Each time the interests of the Hindus of Haryana were gauged more vigorously with her than a settlement with the Sikhs.”

According to the plans, the two tehsils of Fazilka and Abohar were not exchanged from Punjab to Haryana as these tehsils were not touching to Haryana. A 10-kilometer passage was required to interface them to Haryana.

Indira’s most loved Bhajan Lal who made a questionable history of sorts in abandoning the whole chamber of clergymen to the Congress in Haryana, added to ruining fragile Hindu-Sikh ties. At the point when the Akalis debilitated to disturb 1982 Asian Games held in New Delhi, Bhajan Lal made phenomenal game plans to frustrate Akali challenge. Each Sikh originating from Punjab to Delhi via prepare or street, was physically searched. There were occasions of Sikhs being compelled to evacuate their turban.

By mid 1984, against Sikh uproars ejected in Haryana in countering to the murdering of Hindus in Punjab where militancy and dissidence was cresting. In Amritsar (Rupa Books 1985), writers Mark Tully and Satish Jacob recorded how Hindu swarms torched a gurdwara in Panipat and Sikhs were hauled out of transports, shaved and executed. Indira remained a quiet onlooker similarly as she had watched separatists in Punjab slaughter Hindus nearly freely.

‘Hello, Want an Ice-Cream?’: When Rahul Gandhi Took a Break from Campaigning

As the frozen yogurt man thoroughly moved metal scrappers to mix natural product syrup and nuts on an ice dish, an ‘uncommon’ guest enthusiastically held up with radiating eyes and elbows on the counter.

The man was none other than Congress president Rahul Gandhi, who had touched base at Indore’s mainstream ’56 Dukan’ after the day’s chaotic battling ahead on Madhya Pradesh gathering decisions.

While the 47-year-old pioneer sat tight for his frozen yogurt, occupants thronged the shop with many taking recordings through the glass mass of the shop. Gandhi was joined by senior Congress pioneers Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia.

Entranced by the crisply moved desserts on the solidified machine, the pioneers were heard shouting, “Waah!”

Before long, the shop staff hands over Gandhi his measure of treat. However, before he could take a chomp, he detects a youngster landing at the parlor with his folks. “Hi! Frozen yogurt logey? (need an ice-cream?),” he asks the tyke, who was slurped up. The tyke rushed to take his chomp and the Congress pioneers grinned.

The video, which was tweeted by Congress, has gotten more than 6,000 preferences since Monday night

Statue of Unity: We Would Need Visa to See Charminar Were it Not for Sardar Patel, Says PM

Uncovering the 182-meter mammoth ‘Statue of Unity’ in Gujarat’s Kevadiya, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that had Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel not joined the nation, we would require visa to see lions at Gir and Hyderabad’s Charminar.

PM Modi said that the statue, accepted to be the tallest on the planet, would be an update about the bravery of a man who impeded endeavors to deteriorate India. He included that it will remind the individuals who question India’s presence that this country was, is and will stay everlasting.

Recalling Sardar Patel’s commitment in joining the nation by adding more than 550 royal states, Modi said the extraordinary pioneer had “effectively thwarted a trick to isolate India in to pieces” Sardar Patel had utilized power to attach august conditions of Junagadh administered by Nawab and Hyderabad governed by nizam, both of whom had wished not to blend their states with the India association.

“The world’s tallest statue would remind the whole world, the future ages about the bravery, abilities and goals of the individual who did this blessed work of defeating the connivance to deteriorate Mother India into pieces,” the head administrator said tending to a social occasion in the wake of introducing the landmark.

“The statue will remind the individuals who question India’s presence, that this country was, is and will stay everlasting,” Modi said. “This (statue) is a wellspring of unity…with this estimation we ought to march…and walk with a fantasy to make the nation ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ (One India, Superior India),” he included.

Modi said his administration has taken up the reason for enlivening the history and commitments of incredible identities. “Amid the most recent four years, our legislature has set up numerous remembrances of our national saints, including this high as can be statue of Sardar Patel, his exhibition hall in Delhi, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar’s Panch Tirth and a remembrance devoted to child of Gujarat’s dirt, Shyamji Krishna Varma,” he said.

In the interim, Congress president Rahul Gandhi propelled a hidden assault on the decision BJP government. He said ironicly a statue of Sardar Patel is being initiated, yet “every organization he helped assemble is being crushed”.

Two BJP MLAs Join Congress in Poll-bound MP; Party Denies Inclusion of Vyapam Scam accused Gulab Singh Kirar

In a major mishap to Bhartiya Janta Party in front of the Madhya Pradesh surveys, two of its MLAs on Tuesday held hands with the Congress.

Urgent for a rebound, the Congress which has been out of intensity in Madhya Pradesh since 2003, reserved in Sanjay Sharma, a sitting BJP MLA from Tendu Kheda, amid Rahul Gandhi’s two-day visit to the Malwa-Nimar locale. BJP pioneer Kamlapat Arya from Chambal region likewise joined the gathering on Tuesday.

Sharma, a two-time MLA, said he was feeling “choked” in the BJP and furthermore blamed boss clergyman Shivraj Singh Chouhan for not doing what’s necessary for his body electorate. He has purportedly been guaranteed a ticket by the Congress.

Sharma is the third most extravagant among the sitting MLAs in MP, having announced resources worth more than 60 crore. His enlistment is being viewed as a masterstroke by senior Congress pioneer Suresh Pachauri.

Kirar people group pioneer Gulab Singh Kirar, who was named in the Vyapam trick in 2015 alongside his child Shakti Singh, was likewise reputed to have been broadened Congress participation within the sight of gathering president Rahul Gandhi in Indore on Tuesday. While a few pioneers affirmed Kirar’s enlistment, boss representative Shobha Oza demanded that just Sanjay Sharma and Kamlapat Arya host been incorporated into the get-together.

Arya, who was first chosen as a MLA from Bhander on Congress ticket, had joined the BJP in 2002. Touted as a ‘control legislator’, Arya appreciates a solid ground interface in his voting demographic. Both Arya and Sharma are said to have been in converses with the Congress since long yet the gathering sat tight for its boss Rahul Gandhi to visit the State to affirm their enlistment.

Panicked PM Modi Knows Moment CBI Starts Rafale Probe, He is Finished: Rahul Gandhi on Alok Verma’s Exile

In his most grounded assault yet on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday claimed that he had sent CBI chief Alok Verma on a constrained leave to pre-empt an examination concerning the dubious Rafale bargain.

Gandhi said the planning of the move, after 12 pm on Tuesday, demonstrated that the Prime Minister had froze over the likelihood of Verma opening an examination concerning the arrangement with France for 36 warrior planes.

The administration’s principle intention in sending Verma on leave was not to suppress the infighting in CBI, he stated, however to conceal proof in the Rafale bargain.

Refering to a daily paper report that Verma had requested a primer enquiry into the Rs 58,000 crore Rafale bargain, he included that when the CBI executive was bolted out of his office, implicating archives were devastated.

“They (the legislature) are not expelling the CBI chief but rather endeavoring to conceal the proof in Rafale bargain. PM’s response was in a frenzy. The minute CBI request starts in Rafale bargain, the PM knows he is done. He is terrified that he enjoyed debasement and he could get captured,” he said at a public interview in Delhi.

The Prime Minister, the Congress boss included, has not let out the slightest peep in this. “PM Modi will be gotten, the country won’t let him escape.”

The Congress boss likewise guaranteed that Verma’s evacuation was an “affront” to the Constitution, the central equity of India and the pioneer of the restriction. “The move was ‘unlawful’,” he said.

The break charge of the organization has been given to a man who has bodies of evidence against him with the goal that the Prime Minister can control him, Gandhi affirmed, alluding to joint executive Nageswara Rao. The Congress intends to raise the stakes on Friday and will arrange a challenge outside the CBI central command to take up the issue of the validity of the office.

On Wednesday, the administration had stripped CBI Director Alok Verma and Special Director Rakesh Asthana everything being equal, apparently to end the war between the two best officers of the CBI.

Fund Minister Arun Jaitley had said Verma and Asthana were requested to go on leave according to the suggestion of the Central Vigilance Commission and it was “significant” to keep up the institutional honesty of CBI.

The CBI has denied reports that Verma had requested a primer investigation into the Rafale bargain, which has been utilized by the resistance to focus on the Narendra Modi government. An organization representative said “false media reports are being fabricated for some vested purposes”. Each report and document in CBI is represented at each level, the representative included.

Kanhaiya Kumar Makes Political Debut at CPI’s Anti-BJP Rally, But Tejashwi’s Absence Raises Questions

The Communist Party Of India propelled JNU Students’ Union previous President Kanhaiya Kumar in Bihar’s discretionary legislative issues amid an enemy of BJP rally in Patna on Thursday.

In any case, the Left party’s endeavors to extend the ‘Bhajpa Harao, Desh Bachao’ rally as a stage of Opposition solidarity got a mishap as Grand Alliance pioneer Tejashwi Yadav separated himself from the occasion.

Despite the fact that Tejashwi sent his gathering men to the rally, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) sources disclosed to News18 that he was wary about the show of quality as the Left gatherings are not a piece of the Grand Alliance yet. The Congress sent senior pioneer Ghulam Nabi Azad from Delhi to go to the occasion.

Giving his first political discourse from the gathering stage, Kanhaiya recognized that there was no single gathering that could overcome the BJP and asked all resistance gatherings to join for the reason.

Kanhaiya alluded to the three FIRs documented against him and a supposed assault on him in Begusarai, from where he is probably going to challenge the following Lok Sabha race, and asserted that the Nitish Kumar government was being controlled by frauds who were attempting to proclaim him a ‘goonda’.

The previous JNUSU president took a correspond at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for praising the birth commemoration of Congress pioneer and Bihar’s first boss priest Shri Krishna Singh, saying: “On one hand, they promise to influence the Congress to vanish from the political scene and on the other, they are adoring an incredible Congress pioneer today,” he included.

Tending to the 40,000-in number group at Gandhi Maidan, Azad blamed Bihar boss priest Nitish Kumar for playing under the control of the BJP. “Out of the blue, I can see a main priest being stole. This is the truth. The BJP has stole Nitish Kumar. This is a similar Gandhi Maidan from where a choice was taken to extend Nitish Kumar as the boss ecclesiastical face in 2015. Today all chiefs are available, with the exception of Nitish Kumar, who has solemnized another marriage,” he said.

Azad additionally propelled an assault on the Narendra Modi-drove Center, condemning it for demonetisation and the ongoing unrest in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Naming the note boycott the greatest connivance of the Union government, Azad blamed BJP pioneers for utilizing the move to change over their own dark cash to white and guaranteed that demonetisation had cost the nation 35 lakh employments.

CPI Rajya Sabha MP D Raja, then, directed the Sangh, charging it was managing the Center on different issues, incorporating the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. He said the Sangh was putting weight on the legislature to turn out with a law for the development of the sanctuary. Blaming the Modi government for tricking the basic man, Raja joked that destitute individuals were all the while sitting tight for ‘achhe clamor’.

Recently framed Loktantrik Janata Dal (LJD) pioneer Sharad Yadav cautioned that if re-chose, the Modi government would take away individuals’ entitlement to cast a ballot. “The tall guarantee of giving two crore occupations has hopelessly fizzled. Just establishments are being focused on and the nation is confronting an undeclared crisis,” he said.

Responding to the rally, Bihar vice president serve Sushil Kumar Modi on Thursday considered it a “disappointment”.

The senior BJP pioneer additionally focused on Tejashwi Yadav, saying by avoiding the rally and meeting individuals with criminal foundations amid his progressing “Samvidhan Bachao Nyay Yatra”, the RJD beneficiary evident had made his inclinations unmistakable.

“The Left gatherings have lost the general population’s trust by virtue of their determined help to the 15-year-long Lalu-Rabri control in Bihar which was set apart by slaughters of poor people and embarrassments like the previous trick”, Sushil tweeted.

“Revives like the one held today can’t make the Left a counterpart for the NDA government in the state, or, in other words the advancement of 11 crore individuals of the state. The disappointment of the rally has emptied the resistance’s prospects of setting up a bound together battle”, the Deputy CM included.

In an another tweet, he affirmed “the Left gatherings had not just kept quiet over the rebellion that won amid the Chief Ministership of Lalu and Rabri, in an offer to get the support of intensity, they additionally treated with utter disdain to horrendous occasions like the executing of understudy pioneer Chandrashekhar”.

Joining BJP Today, Say 2 Goa Congress MLAs as Amit Shah Staves off Challenge to Manohar Parrikar Govt

Two Goa Congress officials, Dayanand Sopte and Subhash Shirodkar, said they would join the BJP on Monday subsequent to meeting party boss Amit Shah in the capital.

By poaching the two administrators, the BJP it appears has figured out how to fight off the Congress test to its legislature in the minor ocean side state while boss clergyman Manohar Parrikar fights a pancreatic sickness.

“We are joining BJP today. We expect 2-3 more MLAs to come, not today but rather in the coming days,” Shirodkar said after his gathering with Shah. The two officials have presented their renunciations as individuals from the state Assembly, Speaker Pramod Sawant said.

While Sopte, who vanquished previous BJP boss clergyman Laxmikant Parsekar in 2017 state administrative gathering race, speaks to Mandrem voting demographic, Shirodkar was chosen on a Congress ticket from Shiroda body electorate.

Both the administrators had left for Delhi on Sunday night. Goa wellbeing clergyman and BJP MLA Vishwajit Rane likewise left for Delhi, a little before their flight.

To correspondents at the airplane terminal the previous evening, Sopte had denied there will be any political moves and guaranteed he was going to Delhi on an excursion for work.

His associate was likewise obscure when asked whether he was joining the BJP: “You will come to know whether I do it”.

Congress pioneer A Chellakumar, when asked, had said he had addressed both the lawmakers who guaranteed him that they were not stopping the gathering.

On Monday morning, things changed drastically.

Goa is presently seeing riotous political exercises with Congress party appealing to President Ram Nath Kovind, looking for his mediation to ask Goa Governor Mridula Sinha to call them to frame the legislature. BJP state center board of trustees and gathering’s council party likewise met in Panaji on Sunday.

The gatherings are occurring at the background of weakness state of Parrikar, who is as of now being treated by specialists from state-run Goa Medical College and Hospital at his living arrangement at Dona Paula.

The two takeoffs from Congress would hurt its test as it right now has 16 MLAs in the Goa Legislative Assembly yet their quality would be decreased to 14 once the two lawmakers leave authoritatively. It likewise has the help of a NCP administrator. The midway stamp in the state is 20.

BJP will have 16 MLAs once the two join, while its alliance government in the state additionally has three each from Goa Forward Party, Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party and three Independents.

Rahul Gandhi Called Hindus Terrorists to Please Pakistan, Alleges Rajasthan Minister

A priest in Vasundhara Raje government has guaranteed that Congress president Rahul Gandhi is attempting to “please Pakistan” by offending Indians and calling them “Hindu fear mongers”. He additionally said that Gandhi is “irritated” with the way that New Delhi got the Rafale bargain and not Islamabad.

“He (Rahul Gandhi) says Hindus are fear mongers. What will such a man do by getting to be head administrator? He tells individuals of India that Hindus are psychological oppressors. What does it mean? On the off chance that you need to please Pakistan for what reason are you offending us?” Jaswant Singh Yadav, who lost the Lok Sabha by-survey in January to Congress applicant by more than two lakh cast a ballot, inquired.

News office ANI cited the work welfare serve as saying that the Congress president seemed to be “aggravated” because of the Rafale bargain. “These are military aircraft which are gained after extraordinary trouble. Pakistan did not gain it. Rahul Gandhi is bothered that Prime Minister Narendra Modi got it and not Pakistan.”

Yadav is a similar clergyman, who had sought contention not long ago to approach Hindus to vote in favor of him and Muslims to vote in favor of Congress. “…Congress is a gathering of Muslims. Along these lines, the individuals who are Hindus, vote in favor of me. The individuals who are Muslims, give your votes to Congress,” he had said.

The priest had likewise drawn sharp response from the resistance when he had gone to Alwar to mourn the passing of 28-year-old Rakbar, who was lynched by supposed bovine vigilantes. Yadav had bid Muslims to “comprehend the suppositions of Hindus and quit carrying bovines”.

Yadav’s most recent comment comes in front of Rajasthan get together races, or, in other words be hung on December 7.

‘If Brett Kavanaugh Can, Why Can’t You’: Congress Demands #MeToo Explanation from MJ Akbar

The Congress on Wednesday requested that writer turned-Union priest MJ Akbar clarify claims of inappropriate behavior leveled against him as a major aspect of the seething #MeToo development or venture down from the position.

While External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj declined to answer an inquiry on the claims against her lesser clergyman, the swells of the development to get out the individuals who had supposedly explicitly annoyed ladies, verbally or physically, were felt over the media and media outlet.

“MJ Akbar has the stature of being a veteran writer notwithstanding being junior External Affairs Minister. Sushma Swaraj couldn’t remark without anyone else subordinate. MJ Akbar should either turn out with an attractive clarification or must leave from the post in the legislature. We request an investigation into the charges. In the event that Justice Kavanaugh can be requested a clarification, at that point why not MJ Akbar, who purportedly did whatever he did significantly later in his life than Kavanaugh,” Congress pioneer Jaipal Reddy stated, conjuring the dubious section of #MeToo-blamed Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court.

Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman stated, “I can’t talk on the MeToo development, however I bolster the valor with which numerous ladies have stood up. This must be a hard memory on the ladies who have confronted these episodes.”

She, in any case, declined to remark on the charges against MJ Akbar.

The MoS for External Affairs has been blamed for lewd behavior by somewhere around four ladies. He was first gotten out by writer Priya Ramani, who had a year ago expounded on his supposed unseemly conduct for a magazine without taking his name. She affirmed for the current week that the charge was against Akbar.

I started this piece with my MJ Akbar story. Never named him since he didn’t “do” anything. Bunches of ladies have more awful tales about this predator—possibly they’ll share. #ulti https://www.vogue.in/content/harvey-weinsteins-open-letter-lewd behavior/amp/#click=https://t.co/A2uHiJt9zd …

Akbar, who has been the editorial manager of unmistakable daily papers like The Telegraph, Asian Age and The Sunday Guardian, is an individual from the Rajya Sabha from the BJP.

In her article, Ramani had said “Akbar is a specialist on disgusting telephone calls, writings, wrong compliments and not taking no for an answer.” “You know how to squeeze, pat, rub, snatch and strike. Talking up against regardless you conveys a substantial value that numerous young ladies can’t bear to pay,” her article said. Enumerating how he made her awkward, she said he had called her for a prospective employee meet-up to an “extravagant south Mumbai lodging” when she was 23 and he was 43. Akbar did not meet Ramani in the inn campaign and demanded that she meet him in his room. There, he offered her a beverage. In spite of the fact that she won’t, he drank vodka, sang old melodies to her and requesting that her sit near him, she affirmed. MJ Akbar has not yet reacted. He is at present in Nigeria. Not long after Ramani’s record, more ladies writers approached with their accounts. A columnist named Shuma Raha said Akbar called her to his lodging space for a meeting for Asian Age in Kolkata’s Taj Bengal in 1995. She said that he didn’t “do” anything, however “a meeting sitting on a bed in an inn room pursued by a challenge to come over for a beverage that night was rattling and profoundly awkward”. She said she declined the activity offer.

For this situation, #MeToo. Year: 1995, Place Taj Bengal, Kolkata. After that experience, I declined the activity offer.

I should clear up, in any case, that he didn’t really “do” anything. Be that as it may, the entire experience of a meeting sitting on a bed in an inn room pursued by an encouragement to come over for a beverage that night, was rattling and profoundly awkward.

Another writer, Prerna Singh Bindra, said Akbar additionally called her to his inn space to ‘examine work’ after she had let go the release at midnight. She affirmed that he “made life at work damnation” for her when she can’t.

Lone BSP Minister in Kumaraswamy Govt Says Mayawati Will Fight 2019 Polls in Karnataka Alone

Multi day after BSP boss Mayawati assaulted the Congress, the solitary BSP individual from the Karnataka Cabinet, N Mahesh, dropped a stunner on Thursday and guaranteed that his gathering would challenge in each of the 28 Lok Sabha situates in the state without anyone else.

He discounted a constituent partnership with any gathering, including the JDS, with whom the BSP had a pre-survey tie up in the Karnataka Assembly races in May.

Mahesh was the main BSP contender to win the gathering decision. He challenged from Kollegala in Chamarajanagara locale in south Karnataka. On Mayawati’s request, he was made a clergyman in the JDS-Congress government.

Addressing media on Thursday, he stated, “I am as yet a piece of the JDS-Congress alliance government in Karnataka. No one has requested that I quit. I will do whatever my pioneer Mayawati says.”

He additionally set off a debate by calling upon the villagers in his body electorate to “weed out Congress”. Afterward, he cleared up that he was alluding to Parthenium, which is known as “Congress weed” in rustic zones of the state.

“When I said Congress, the political party Congress was not in my brain. I was simply utilizing a slang or an informal word for Parthenium weed,” he asserted.

The state Congress is yet to respond to his announcements. In any case, JDS supremo and previous PM HD Deve Gowda has kept up that everything is great and the union is flawless.

Mayawati had pronounced upon the arrival of H D Kumaraswamy’s swearing in that she would impart seats to Congress and JDS in Karnataka in every single future decision.

She had likewise shown incredible bonhomie with Congress’ Sonia Gandhi and Rahul, yet the connection appears to have soured as she has chosen to not tie-up with the fabulous old gathering for the get together races in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhatisgarh.