PM Narendra Modi Has Anti-Dalit Mindset, Congress Will Fight for Inclusive India: Rahul Gandhi

Congress boss Rahul Gandhi on Thursday blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for having a “hostile to Dalit” mentality and attested that his gathering will battle for an India where there is put for everyone.

Rahul joined a dissent over the weakening of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, at Jantar Mantar. “The outrages demonstration was brought by the Congress and the gathering will ensure it together with everyone,” he said.

Dalits are as a rule transparently beaten and pulverized in states where the BJP is in control, Rahul said while tending to the social event.

“We don’t need an India like this. We need an India in which there ought to be put for everyone, regardless of whether Dalits, poor, tribals or minorities… everyone should advance. We will battle for such an India,” he said.

Rahul included that the PM’s reasoning is hostile to Dalit. “All Dalits and individuals from the weaker segments realize that the leader has the wrong spot for Dalits in his heart and brain and needs to squash Dalits. That is the reason we are remaining against him.

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