Kerala Floods Occurred Due to Slaughtering of Cows in Open, Says BJP MLA

Vijayapura’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Basanagouda Patil Yatnal has kicked up a line by saying the staggering surges in Kerala happened due to butchering of dairy animals in the open.

“In Kerala, individuals straightforwardly butcher bovines. What was the deal? Inside a year, a circumstance like this (surge) emerged. Whoever harms Hindu religious convictions will face such outcomes,” he told correspondents on the sidelines of a capacity at Vijayapura on Saturday.

The BJP MLA was evidently alluding to an episode in Kerala a year ago, where a gathering of men butchered a bovine in the open, setting off a contention.

Yatnal said Hindus had assumptions joined to bovines and no one should hurt others’ religious convictions. He included that if the BJP came to control in Karnataka, bovine butcher will be ceased.

Known for putting forth questionable expressions, the BJP MLA had a month ago said in the event that he was the home pastor, he would have the learned people shot dead as they worked for the human privileges of fear based oppressors and not the warriors who set out their lives to secure the nation

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