If Marathas Can Get Reservation, Why Not Patidars, Asks Hardik Patel

With the Maharashtra assembly passing a bill giving 16 percent reservation to the Marathas, Patidar pioneer Hardik Patel asked Thursday for what good reason the BJP government in Gujarat can’t make a similar stride for his locale.

He looked for an overview to build up social and financial backwardness of Patidars, on the lines of a study requested by the BJP-drove Maharashtra government for the Maratha people group.

“No such overview was done in Gujarat. The study would demonstrate that Patidar people group is socially and monetarily in reverse,” Patel told correspondents at Patan in north Gujarat.

“In the event that the BJP government in Maharashtra can do that, why not Gujarat? Is that in light of the fact that the BJP government here is having inner self issues?” he inquired.

Then, an assignment of Patel-drove Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) held another gathering with administrator of the Gujarat OBC Commission Sugnaben Bhatt in Gandhinagar

On Thursday.

Seven days prior, Patel and different PAAS pioneers had met Bhatt and requested that the commission direct an overview of the Patidar (Patel) people group on the lines of the study led by Backward Class Commission for the Marathas in Maharashtra.

PAAS convener Geeta Patel, who was a piece of the designation which approached Bhatt Thursday, said Bhatt looked for some fundamental data about the network in Gujarat.

“She looked for data, for example, number of sub-standings, sub-gatherings and different surnames utilized by Patidars. The director likewise tried to know the number of inhabitants in our locale,” she said.

PAAS designation looked for about fourteen days to outfit these subtle elements, she said. In the mean time, a few individuals from the Rajput people group likewise moved toward the commission Thursday with an interest for a review to set up their backwardness.

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