Eshwarappa Has an Eye on You: DK Shivakumar Jokingly Tells MB Patil During Mekedatu Meeting

The gathering called by Karnataka Chief Minister over the continuous Mekedatu dam issue started on a fairly funny note when the Congress and the BJP pioneers chose to pull each other’s leg, before the additionally squeezing issue could be examined.

Boss Minister HD Kumaraswamy considered a gathering with the previous boss priests and previous pastors of water assets to talk about an ‘agreeable arrangement’ with the neighboring territory of Tamil Nadu regarding the Mekedatu supply issue.

Senior pioneers of both the Congress and the BJP present in the gathering had a decent chuckle over a theoretical Operation Kamala, a term used to characterize the BJP’s supposed endeavors to topple the alliance government by receiving MLAs from the opposite side to theirs as a byproduct of cash and plum positions.

“You have chosen to take him along,” DK Shivakumar asked BJP pioneer KS Eshwarappa while the last was addressing another Congress pioneer, MB Patil. “He (Eshwarappa) has an eye on you,” Shivakumar told MB Patil.

Eshwarappa who was sitting between HK Patil and MB Patil joked, “Do you figure it will be even one percent fruitful? It might be conceivable with HK Patil yet do you believe it’s conceivable with MB Patil?”

MB Patil and HK Patil, both previous Ministers in the Siddaramaiah government, are among a portion of the senior Congress pioneers who were denied bureau billets amid its development. The previous had additionally communicated his mistake over it more than once since the alliance government came to control.

The likelihood of the disappointed MLAs exchanging sides and toppling the administration is a test that the alliance government has been gazing at each time the discussions of bureau development comes up

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