Congress Worker Made to Apologise by Rubbing Nose on Ground After Vehicle Splashes Mud on Locals

Four men who had constrained a Congress specialist to rub his nose on the ground after his vehicle sprinkled mud on them were made to apologize after villagers interceded in the issue in Rajasthan’s Dungarpur area.

The previous Zila Pramukh Bhagwati Lal Roat would go to a rally of Congress state president Sachin Pilot on Tuesday when his vehicle in Jhosawa town of the region sprinkled mud on couple of men. The irate men pursued the vehicle and halted him at the transport stand. Roat was purportedly compelled to rub his nose on the ground and apologize to the adolescents.

On Wednesday, seniors individuals from the Patidar people group called the four men and Roat to Bhaimai town in the locale where the men were requested to apologize to the Congress specialist in a similar way.

“They acted mischievously with Roat following which senior individuals from their own locale influenced them to apologize to him Wednesday,” Dinesh Kumar, the leader of Dungarpur area Congress told PTI on Thursday. No objection was recorded for this situation, police said

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