‘Congress is After My Blood’: Shivraj Chouhan After Stones, Slipper Hurled at Him

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan has assaulted the restriction Congress after his vehicle was focused with stones and a shoe was flung at him in Churhat territory close Sidhi area.

“The Congress is after my blood. This has never occurred in the legislative issues of MP. It was dependably a clash of philosophies,” said Chouhan who was visiting the state in front of the Assembly decisions.

As indicated by PTI, 9 presumed Congress specialists were captured on Monday for professedly pelting stones on Chouhan’s vehicle. “Nine office-bearers of the Congress were captured for throwing stones at Chouhan’s vehicle,” state Home Minister Bhupendra Singh told PTI.

The CM likewise scrutinized the Congress administration over the conduct of their units.

“I need to ask Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Congress state president Kamal Nath, in which heading do they wish to take Congress? Is it fine what their pioneers and laborers are doing?” Chouhan was cited as saying by news office ANI.

Stones were flung at Chouhan’s vehicle in Churhat zone, which is the get together voting demographic of Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh, Madhya Pradesh BJP representative Rajnish Agrawal said.

Area Superintendent of Police Tarun Nair recognized the nine denounced as Rambhilas Patel (52), Pankaj Singh Chauhan (32), Gaurav Singh Chauhan (21), Roshan Singh (18), Saurabh Dwivedi (19), Shivedra Singh (24), Saurabh Singh (21), Charan Singh (21) and Sanjay Singh (28). They were accused of revolting and on different checks, revealed PTI.

Later tending to an open gathering, Chouhan challenged Singh to come in the open and battle with him. “Ajay Singh, in the event that you have quality come in open and battle with me,” he said.

“I am physically feeble yet I won’t be hindered by your deeds. Individuals of the state are with me,” he included.

In a public statement, Singh said no Congressman was engaged with the stone-pelting occurrence. He said his gathering does not take after the way of life of savagery.

“I speculate that it was a well idea and incubated scheme went for maligning me and individuals of Churhat,” he included.

Chouhan is visiting the state in a transport changed as a chariot.

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