Congress’ B K Hariprasad Likely to be Opposition Candidate for Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Election

Without accord among the restriction parties for the post of representative speaker of the Rajya Sabha, the Congress may at last do what needs to be done and field a possibility to challenge the NDA chosen one.

Sources said Congress MP B K Hariprasad is probably going to be resistance possibility for post of Rajya Sabha delegate executive.

The resistance pioneers had met in Parliament on Tuesday to settle NCP MP Vandana Chavan’s name as the joint hopeful of the non-NDA parties.

It is learnt that NCP later dropped choosing Chavan after chats with provincial gatherings like TRS and BJD did not reveal positive reaction.

The two gatherings it is learnt had submitted support to JD(U) competitor Harivansh after Bihar CM Nitish Kumar addressed his Odisha partner Naveen Patnaik and Telengana CM K Chandrashekar Rao.

In assigning Vandana Chavan, restriction had endeavored to break the NDA positions by charming Shiv Sena. It would have been politically conceivable for Sena to help a competitor from Maharashtra.

The Congress will hold one last round of chats with restriction pioneers on Wednesday and if no agreement rises, the gathering may handle its MP from Karnataka BK Hariprasad to go up against JDU MP Harivansh.

The movement to designate Deputy Speaker can be put together by a RS MP by evening on Wednesday. In the event that there are in excess of one contenders for the post, the races would be hung on Thursday.

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