Congress Attacks MP Govt Over ‘Cancer-causing’ Footwear Given to Tendu Leaf Collectors

In the midst of reports that the shoes provided by the BJP-drove Madhya Pradesh government to Tendu leaf gatherers were fixed with a “growth casuing synthetic”, the Congress on Sunday blamed the state for playing with the lives of individuals.

State timberland serve Gaurishankar Shejwar said two lakh tests had been dismissed after abundance azo color was found in the inward underside of footwear that should have been circulated as a major aspect of the administration’s ‘Charan Paduka Yojana’.

Refering to media reports which expressed that the Central Leather Research Institute had affirmed the nearness of the color, the Congress requested an investigation into the issue.

Azo colors were utilized for coloring strands, calfskin, plastic other than nourishment things and were prohibited by the service of condition and backwoods in 1997 after they were observed to be cancer-causing.

The MP government has so far circulated footwear to 8.14 lakh men and 10.20 lakh ladies tendu leaf gatherers as a feature of the plan.

In a tweet on Friday, MP Congress boss Kamal Nath blamed the state government for playing with their lives. “It is a reason for worry that the lakh of tendu patta authorities having a place with innate network were appropriated shoes bound with tumor causing concoction, as indicated by CLRI testing,” his tweet guaranteed.

“Nobody has the privilege to play with the lives of these individuals. How these shoes and shoes were circulated without testing? Who is dependable,” Nath inquired. He issued an announcement requesting that the shoes be reclaimed and furthermore called for subtle elements of their buy and dispersion.

Responding to the debate, the state timberland serve stated, “Two lakh shoes out of the examples sent for testing have been dismissed after overabundance measure of azo color was found in the inward sole. No installment has been made so far to the organization.”

Shejwar said the firm had been requested to change the internal underside and once this is done, the footwear would be reconsidered by focal government research centers.

“Preceding their dissemination, quality testing is basically led by two esteemed foundations of the nation, the Footwear Design and Development Institute, Noida and Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai. A pre-conveyance test is likewise directed other than a re-test before dispersion,” Shejwar said. He repeated the shoes that were appropriated were of good quality.

He said the Madhya Pradesh Minor Forest Produce Federation has set an objective of circulating shoes to 11.23 lakh men, shoes to 11.11 lakh ladies and 22.35 lakh water jugs to tendu leaf authorities under its Charan Paduka Yojana. Moreover, the state government was likewise conveying 11.9 lakh sarees to the ladies tendu patta authorities.

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