‘Can’t Become Nehru by Wearing Nehru Jackets’: Cong Hits Out at PM Modi Over His Sartorial Choice

Hitting out at PM Narendra Modi over his decision of garments, senior Congress pioneer Ahmed Patel said that one can’t turn into a pioneer like previous head administrator Jawaharlal Nehru just by wearing a “Nehru coat” or wearing originator coats and kurtas like Rajiv Gandhi.

Tending to a rally at Himmatnagar in Sabarkantha locale of Gujarat on Saturday, Patel stated, “You can’t progress toward becoming Jawaharlal Nehru just by wearing a Nehru coat, neither would you be able to wind up Indira Gandhi by going on outside excursions. You can’t progress toward becoming Rajiv Gandhi by wearing creator coats and kurtas. To be in the association of such pioneers, you need to make penances like them. Do you have

the strength to do that?”

He further said that the decision in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh demonstrated that individuals were disenthralled with the BJP. “When you came to control in 2014 by making false guarantees and spreading lies, you might not have believed that you will wind up disliked inside only four years. Individuals are embittered with BJP now. That is the reason Congress won the gathering surveys in three states,” Patel said.

“When you came to control in 2014, you figured you will administer until the end of time. That was your sense of self. You didn’t understand that if individuals can place you in power, they can likewise expel you,” the pioneer said.

“Time has sought you (Modi) to clear the position of royalty in not so distant future. On the off chance that you don’t venture down, individuals will influence you to do as such,” the Congress veteran said.

To Modi’s ongoing correspond that Kartarpur in Punjab went to Pakistan at the season of Independence in view of “absence of vision” in Congress pioneers, Patel inquired as to whether Modi was likewise censuring Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a Congress stalwart of that period.

“On one hand you are building Sardar Patel’s statue and on the other you are offending him,” the Congress chief from Gujarat said. Modi and the BJP are attempting to delete history and present a “twisted variant” to guarantee that Congress chiefs did nothing for the nation, Patel affirmed.

Modi neglected to satisfy any of his pre-survey guarantees, for example, keeping Rs 15 lakh in everybody’s ledger by bringing back dark cash, he said. “They guarantee they have done each one of those things which the Congress couldn’t do in the last 70 years….Congress never plundered the nation in 60-70 years of its standard. In any case, they (the BJP) plundered the nation through demonetisation amid their four-year rule,” he said.

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